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About Us

Helping Educational Professionals
Free Scholarship Funds seeks to assist education professionals who have devoted their energies to helping all of us through educating our future leaders, entrepreneurs and artists. Basically the people who will one day advance our society. To this end we seek to provide financial aid departments with free media assistance in order to assist them with their important work. Providing everything from scholarship guides to videos, what ever it takes or whatever they need to get their message across and to complete their important job.

Assisting Students
It is our mission to make potential college students aware of the multitude of options available to them for college tuition assistance. From business groups and individuals to churches and communities there are literally thousands of scholarships available. It doesn't mater who you are, in fact some scholarships are solely available to those most economically challenged, there is a scholarship out there for you. It is our intent to grow as a resource and to provide individuals with options to improve their lives. Americans with college degrees out perform those without by double in the area of yearly income. There is no reason why you should be kept out from the higher income brackets. Ensure your bright future and get your scholarship today!

Helping to make college
available to everyone.