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Military Scholarships

Who is eligible for US Military Scholarships? Almost every American is eligible to receive US military scholarships to some extent.

The US Military presents an outstanding resource for scholarships and grants. All the military branches present attractive offers, regardless of academic qualifications and economic need. Although some scholarships are awarded on merit most are given to those who served in the military unconditionally. There are even scholarships for those whose parents or other relatives served in the military. These scholarships are generally applied towards college but can be used for a wider variety of educational uses such as career training.

Military Scholarships

Although most military scholarships and grants are usually awarded by the military branches (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Merchant Marines, and Coast Guard) private organizations award them as well.

Military Scholarship Options

Over Achievers: Military Academies
Military academies are some of the best colleges in the country and each branch has an excellent college. The military will award a scholarship to one of these prestigious schools only to those who meet the highest standards of achievement. Students will need to be of the highest academic caliber and have strong extracurricular credentials to be granted one of these coveted awards. Graduating from one of these institutions means you will be required to perform up to five years of military service, but will have a very prestigious and advantageous education.

For the vast majority a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship is a more realistic option. They pay for tuition and grant additional money for expenses such as room and board, books and medical. Both the Army and Navy have ROTC programs that work in conjunction with many colleges across the country. These programs do require military service upon graduation.

Active Military Scholarships
Those currently serving in the military are eligible for a number of programs as well. Off duty service personnel can pursue studies at accredited universities with 75%-100% tuition coverage. Those stationed at a distance from the class rooms they would like to attend can achieve their goals through the Distance Learning program. These programs are offered for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Programs for Recently Deactivated Service Personnel
Students who have recently left the military are eligible for a variety of scholarships and grants. The Army College Fund and the Montgomery GI Bill are two examples. The amount of the funds available to individuals depends on how long they served and what rank they achieved. These grants and scholarships can award tens of thousands of dollars towards college costs.

Dependants and Spouses of Military Personnel
Dependants and spouses are eligible for many scholarships and grants. The Army Emergency Relief program offers unmarried dependants of active duty, retired or deceased service personnel money for education. The Air Force Aid Society provides similar opportunities to the dependants and spouses of Air Force personnel. Navy, Marine and Coast Guard families can find similar educational grants from the Dependent’s Scholarship Program.

All Relatives, and non-related individuals military scholarships
All relatives of those serving in the military and even those without any military contact are eligible for a grant of thousands of dollars in the name of the US military. Many organizations offer these and eligibility may depend on economics, merit or simply require filling out a quick online form.

The United States Military is one of the best places to look for college scholarships, even if you aren't an active member of the armed forces! We recommend investigating military scholarships for anyone conducting a search for college scholarships, grants or just a little extra money for school. The link to the right is a great place to start your search.